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For Educators

Download these educator guides and classroom activities to explore ancient Egypt with middle grade learners.

Escape Room Classroom Activity

Download a Jagger Jones themed escape room style classroom activity, perfect for 5th and 6th graders learning about Egypt and about storytelling.

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Jagger's Artifact Scavenger Hunt

Have your students read Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh, spot these artifacts, and learn about how the objects were used. (Cheat sheet included).

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Jagger's Amarna Themed Crossword Puzzle

Download Jagger’s Amarna themed crossword puzzle and find words related to the New Kingdom and the Amarna Period with emphasis on people, places and artifacts from the book. (Grab the cheat sheet here.)

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Jagger Jones' Educator's Guide

Download the guide for discussion questions, prompts, and activities that are rooted in the Common Core Standards and address writing, reading and history. Oh, and they’re also educational and fun!

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Aria Jones Escape the Tomb Activity

Learn about ancient Egyptian burial practices with this activity, designed for home or classroom. Work through the tasks to bribe the Excellent Spirit to release you from the mastaba. (Download the cheat sheet here.)

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