The only thing I enjoy more than cuddling up with a hot cup of coffee, and a long stretch of silence, to write, is author visits and workshops. I have a few program options to choose from and can accommodate interest in storytelling, writing, publishing and ancient Egypt. Reach out to discuss. Scroll down for downloadable classroom content including a Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh educators guide and escape room style activity.

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Jagger’s time-travel takeaways

is designed for sixth grade history and social studies teachers addressing Egypt. I zoom in on the bits of real history—sandwiched between oversized scorpions and magical amulets—to make learning about Egypt fun for even the most cynical sixth grader. It’s loosely organized as a 30-45 minute presentation, loaded with eye-candy, followed by chit-chat so kids, and teachers, can ask their own questions about ancient Egypt … or writing, or storytelling. (I’m nothing if not flexible … figuratively, that is.) I’ve used my education to craft a tale loaded with ancient Egyptian themes appropriate to the sixth grade core curriculum and I’m honored to share with students. While my character, Jagger Jones, is used in the presentation, knowledge of the book is not necessary. Your students will walk away with info about ancient Egypt, including ten ways ancient Egyptian culture is still with us today.

Storytelling 101

is designed as a hands-on writing workshop for fourth through seventh graders. We’ll focus on story structure, character development, world building, incorporating small details that make a story shine, and more. As a marketing professional, I host storytelling webinars for many large organizations and I’ll admit, I pull a few tidbits from my professional experience to share with kids. But this presentation is age appropriate and augmented with fun interactive and visual activities. I’m happy to follow up at a specified later date to share feedback on kids’ subsequent work. Oh, and I’ll definitely share my favorite writer tips, like how to really show, rather than tell, and how to kill your darlings and live with yourself afterwards.

The clash of disciplines—History Meets Writing

is a more traditional author visit, designed with an interdisciplinary twist in mind. I have a background in public speaking and like to keep presentations highly visual and interactive when technology cooperates. My goal is to share my passion for storytelling with students and integrate my expertise in ancient history with my knowledge of writing.

More teacher notes and classroom activities coming soon, but for now…

Escape Room Classroom Activity

Download a Jagger Jones themed escape room style classroom activity, perfect for 5th and 6th graders learning about Egypt and about storytelling.

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Jagger's Artifact Scavenger Hunt

Have your students read Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh, spot these artifacts, and learn about how the objects were used. (Cheat sheet included).

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Jagger's Amarna Themed Crossword Puzzle

Download Jagger’s Amarna themed crossword puzzle and find words related to the New Kingdom and the Amarna Period with emphasis on people, places and artifacts from the book. (Cheat sheet included.)

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Jagger Jones' Educator's Guide

Download the guide for discussion questions, prompts, and activities that are rooted in the Common Core Standards and address writing, reading and history. Oh, and they’re also educational and fun!
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Aria Jones Escape the Tomb Activity

Learn about ancient Egyptian burial practices with this activity, designed for home or classroom. Work through the tasks to bribe the Excellent Spirit to release you from the mastaba. (Cheat sheet included)

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