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Neferura, princess and high priestess of Kemet, knows her duty is to her people. When your mother is the great pharaoh, it’s hard to forget. But Neferura’s unique position at court comes with high stakes for her country, especially when she’s forced to serve her vile half brother, a man determined to stop Neferura’s potential rise.

Peace, it seems, never lasts for women who wield power in the open. Especially when they cross a vengeful man.

When Neferura overhears Thutmose’s plot to end her mother’s rule, she knows he must be stopped, no matter the cost. The discovery of a mysterious tattooed wisewoman and her shadowy network of spies offers an uneasy alliance. But the wisewoman wields more power than Neferura knew possible—power with the potential to rival her own. Neferura must decide where her loyalties lie and how much she’s willing to sacrifice to protect the people she loves before everything crumbles at the hands of a tyrant.


Historian Evans channels her knowledge of Egyptology into a gripping political drama of Egypt's 18th Dynasty...[and] seamlessly integrates vivid period details into the clever and tense plot.


Part coming-of-age story, part political period drama...Hatshepsut's personal journey is compelling [with its] combination of court intrigue, a light romance, and a feminist focus...historical fiction fans who miss the heyday of royal novels full of court intrigue will be glad to see this book.


The narrative is filled with murder, intrigue, and scandal, presenting Neferura with the dilemma of choosing between familial loyalty or carving out her own path, mirroring the strength and power her mother showed to become pharaoh. Evans infuses the novel with rich and historically accurate details that will transport readers to ancient Egypt.


Neferura by Malayna Evans explores the tense political landscape of Ancient Egypt through the eyes of Neferura, princess and high priestess of Kemet. Neferura's story is excellently researched and I especially enjoyed Evans' close attention to detail, demonstrating her impressive knowledge and background in Egyptology.

ROSIE HEWLETTAuthor of Medusa and The Witch of Colchis

An insightful and timely tale of female power...Evans' deft and illuminating book shows us little has changed in three and a half thousand years. How do women wield power? In the shadows, like scorpions. With cunning and guile and through alliance and solidarity. She shows us true power is not found in dominating others but in the simple freedom to live and love as you choose.


Set in Ancient Egypt, Neferura plunges the reader into a fascinating world of unfamiliar beliefs, traditions, and social mores. At the same time, its focus on the trifecta of power, ambition, and desire feels very modern indeed. As Neferura surrounds herself with potential allies, she must struggle to decide whom she can trust -- with her kingdom, her love, and in the highest stakes of all, her life. A compelling and intriguing read.

LIZ MICHALSKIAuthor of Darling Girl

This fast-paced novel takes us through the illustrious 18th Dynasty of Egypt's New Kingdom when a woman pharaoh sought to have her daughter succeed her on the throne! This tale, both murder mystery and love story, shares a coming-of-age story in which the power of women's friendships, women's wisdom, and women's autonomy combine in the surprising conclusion.

SOLANGE ASHBY, Ph.D.Egyptologist and Nubiologist

A lively re-imagining of one of the most intriguing women of ancient history, all set in the context of the author's deep knowledge of Egyptian history, culture, and religion.

PETER F. DORMANEgyptologist, University of Chicago
The Jagger Jones Trilogy

Middle Grade Work

When brother and sister duo from Chicago’s Southside, Jagger and Aria Jones, find themselves transported thousands of years back in time to the court of Amarna in ancient Egypt, danger lurks around every corner. To return home safe and sound, they’ll need to forge new friendships, battle powerful enemies, and discover their own superpowers.

Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh Book Trailer

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I love sharing my passion for storytelling and ancient history with kids. So if you’re in the market for content to teach middle grade learners about ancient Egypt, these resources might help.

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