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Hi there. Thanks for checking in. Since you’re here, I’ll tell you a bit about myself…

Born in Lehi, Utah, I lived among the mountains until my early twenties, when I made my way to the big city. I’ve been in Chicago ever since. I adore the energy, diversity, and vibe of Chicago and Oak Park, where I currently live with my two kids and our two spoiled Frenchies.

I have a background in ancient history. I earned MAs in Greek and Roman history and the history of the ancient Near East before getting my Ph.D. in Egyptian history from the University of Chicago. While at UC, I also created two children and started a small business. I’m a creative soul at heart and have long enjoyed crafting stories that feature and promote ancient Egyptian settings, characters and artifacts.

While I spend much of my time writing–and balancing writing with kids and career–I’m happy to head off on a real life adventure anytime I get the chance. I’ve wandered through Havana with my kids, shopped the souks of Bangkok and Istanbul, eaten my way through Italy, enjoyed deep sea diving in Bermuda, and, of course, trekked the ruins of Egypt. Oh, and I’m a pretty social gal—I love making new friends. So I’d be happy if you’d find me on  Twitter. And if you’d like to keep in touch, please subscribe to my newsletter here for more about ancient Egypt and my adventures in writing.

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Malayna with her kids

With my kids

The furbabies

The furbabies