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I love a good book club, and there’s nothing more rewarding that chatting with readers about my book and the real-life women who inspired me to write it. If you’re interested in an author joining your book club for a deep dive, I’m interested in hearing from you. Contact me directly at to request a visit.

Reading Group Guide

Neferura’s reading group guide is a good place to start if you’re looking for some questions to get the ball rolling. Download that here. And enjoy!

Neferura Reading Group Guide
Download the Guide

Book Club Scavenger Hunt

Feeling a little saucy? Invite your book club to enjoy a Neferura scavenger hunt. Find the objects/quotes on the following pages as you read. An extra glass of shedeh for the winner would be well deserved!

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Neferura Playlist

Want to set the mood for your Neferura book club? Here’s a spotify playlist to help with your vibes.