South Side Chicago brother-sister duo travel back in time to ancient Egypt to rescue the royal family, and their own

Book one, Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh, and book two, Aria Jones and the Guardian’s Wedja, are on the shelves now with book three to follow in 2021 just to be sure you all get enough of Jagger and Aria’s adventures in ancient Egypt.

Since you took time to visit me here, how would you like a little spoiler?

Okay, I won’t say too much, but I will admit that ancient Egypt is nothing like Jagger or Aria expected.  Who knew magic was real? Or that they needed to be on the lookout for giant crocodiles and an evil General who wants to murder the royal family, and, by extension, Jagger and Aria’s own? It’s almost enough to make even a die-hard history nerd like Jagger, or adventurer like Aria, want to get back to Chicago.

Okay, maybe that history isn’t all solid, but I am an Egyptologist, and Jagger and Aria were inspired by my own little people. Other characters were also pulled out of my little gray brain cells, but the book is peppered with real life ancient Egyptians as well. In addition to real historical actors, I’ve added historical artifacts and setting. The word ankh, for example, means “life” and in book one, I’ve explored not only modern notions of life, but ancient as well. (Those folks took the afterlife very seriously!) The series was inspired by my favorite ancient Egyptian blessing: ankh, wedja, seneb, which means (may you have) life, prosperity, and health. And yes, you guessed it: Aria’s story explores and contrasts ancient and modern notions of prosperity. (We’ll tackle health, seneb, in book three.) But mostly…mummies!

I hope you’ll enjoy the adventures of Jagger and Aria Jones and their ancient Egyptian friends.

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Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh Book Trailer

I will be forever grateful if you’ll add Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh to your Goodreads want to read list.

(May you have)
life, prosperity and health.