I’m a fan of doing guest blog posts, reviews for other authors, book signings and more. Here are a few things I've been, or soon will be, up to.


I loved visiting WGN Radio to chat with Rick Kogan (starts just after the 30 min mark).

The fabulous Chicago-based writing coach, Esther Hershenhorn, invited me to share a few thoughts about merging history and fantasy on the terrific Teaching Authors blog.

I chatted with the accomplished Mindy McGinnis, on her popular Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire blog,  about writing, history and fur baby sidekicks.

I shared some thoughts on ancient Egypt with the popular middle grade resource site, MiddleWeb.

I enjoyed talking to Stacey Horan on her great podcast, the bookshop at the end of the internet.

I dropped by A New Look on Books to chat Jagger, writing, and my life.

There’s nothing like being featured on the blog of a writer you admire, which is exactly what happened when the terrific Kate Hannigan asked me a few questions.

My publisher interviewed my son, who inspired both Jagger’s character and story. Makes my mommy heart proud!

I shared thoughts on how I landed my fab agent here.

I’m proud to be a member of steaMG, a collective of sci-fi and fantasy authors celebrating STEAM content in middle grade books. Here’s a little info I shared for Jagger’s book birthday.

I spoke with the amazing Ask Win about life, writing and more.

I shared my thoughts on combining history and fantasy with Unleashing Readers.

Popular book blogger, Karlita, hosted me on Tale Out Loud. Plus, she’s giving away my book. Eek!

HW Book Nook & Cranny invited me to share some thoughts on research, storytelling and my inspiration.

I discussed Egypt and writing with The Teacher Librarian, KarenMcCoy here and here.

I shared some thoughts on invisible history for middle grade readers for Teacher Appreciation Week.

I joined the YA guy on his fab blog. Check out what I had to say.

I visited Darene Beck’s blog to share some info about my inspiration and the book.

I enjoyed chatting with the popular middle grade history podcast, Dad and Me Love History, about ancient Egypt—crazy or cool? (Spoiler – both!). They even invited my daughter to join in the fun. Give us a listen here. We also address that age old question: was King Tut’s dad loopy?

I adore teachers, so I was extra excited to share some thoughts on ancient Egypt with Michele Luck on her popular blog, A Lesson Plan for Teachers.

I chatted with the talented Sofiya Pasternack, author of Anya and the Dragon (which, as an aside, is a terrific MG read) about inspiration and the best things about my writing journey so far on her blog.

I reviewed Lamar Giles’ very fun, creative middle grade book, The Last Last-Day of Summer, for Butler’s Pantry .

Oh and one of the best things about being a debut author is debut groups. Learn about  me and my other Novel 19s authors here.


It’s been a whirlwind of bookstores and events but my schedule has settled … for now. Still, there’s some fun in my future…

Join me and five of my fellow YA and MG authors at Oak Park library on Sunday, November 10 from 3-4 for a discussion of storytelling and our paths to publication. Book signing to follow.

Because dreams sometimes do come true, I’ve been invited to give a lecture to ARCE (the American Research Center in Egypt) – details coming soon.

In the meantime, I’m loving classroom visits–November is full of school visits. Proselytizing about ancient Egypt and storytelling with kids is what this is all about. More please!

Oh, and for those of you who joined me at my launch part, and helped me send Jagger off on his adventure in style, thank you!